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A Fruit Basket Case

A fruit basket is a gift of greater relevance than what may appear on the surface. At a glance, a fruit basket is pleasing to the eye, a nice gift that can be unexpected and even shared by several people, if the recipient is feeling generous. However, a deeper look reveals what a fruit basket really means.

Throughout history, fruit symbolized abundance and sustenance. Early in our history, citrus fruits were rare and cherished by the wealthy. Some fruits were even given importance in a religious context. A gift of fruit has a deeper meaning when one considers what fruit can mean for our health and well-being.

When we think of inventions that separate human beings from animals, we probably think of fire, the wheel and mathematics to name a few. However, there is another lesser-known but no less important invention – baskets. Baskets were utilized by every early culture. If you want to give someone a gift that keeps giving, consider a basket of fresh fruit from reBirth of Fruit in Fort Worth, TX . Intrinsically linked to our history and useful long after its contents are consumed, fruit baskets make great gifts for many occasions.

With the desire for more natural products and sustainable materials influencing how people make purchases, a gift of orchard fresh fruit in a traditional basket from reBirth of Fruit in Fort Worth, TX is a reminder of a simpler time and a representation of nourishment of mind, body and soul for the one you love.

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