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Sending Fruit Baskets to a Crush

Every time you see them your heart races. You carefully avoid them until you can “accidently” run into them when you are looking your best. They put your stomach in knots, and at times, you feel like the butterflies just won’t stop.

The way their hair falls into place, and their eyes... Their eyes shimmer every time they smile. There is no denying the attraction. You just don’t know how to take that first step. We want to help you win over your crush in one simple step.

Our florists at reBirth of Fruit, are here to help you win over your crush with the delicious Hearts and Kisses fruit basket. We deliver fruit baskets, so your crush can feel special. Have fruit baskets delivered to your crush’s school or to their home.

Let our fruit basket delivery  be your opportunity to tell your crush how you feel in a SWEET way. They just want to know you care. You just have to take that first step. Let our fruit basket delivery help you express your feelings and go where words may not.

Use a fruit basket delivery as an icebreaker. Let them know you think they are as sweet as the fruit basket you sent them. Fruit baskets are a delightful way to show you are thinking of someone. Talk with our florists at reBirth of Fruit about what you want to send. We’ll deliver a fruit basket that is perfect for your crush.

We want to help you win your crush over in the best way we know how... with fruit baskets.

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