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Strawberry and Fruits Forever

The ancient Greek language had six separate words to distinguish different types of love. On Valentine’s Day, we often remember our significant other, but it is also important to remember the people we love in other ways. Our lives are greatly influenced by the many people we love. A fruit arrangement from reBirth of Fruit is a perfect way to say, “I love you,” whether you are saying it to a sweetheart, parent, colleague or friend. 

As the years pass, we collect memories like little keepsakes in our minds. The cherished memories that remain the most enjoyable to recollect are the ones where we feel loved. Be a part of someone’s memory. A fruit arrangement from reBirth of Fruit will create a lasting memory by delighting several of your loved one’s senses. Our fruit gifts are beautiful and enticing, and they bring some color and warmth to the frigid month of February. 

Our modern lives are hectic and full of distractions. Valentine’s Day is a good time to appreciate love in its many forms. The saying, “It’s all Greek to me” is used in English when things are confusing, but the ancient Greeks were less confused than we are about love. They knew there were several different types of love. Celebrate someone unexpected this Valentine’s Day with a beautiful fruit arrangement from reBirth of Fruit.

Whether you are celebrating romance, friendship or family, we have fruit gifts for the many types of love we are all blessed to have in our lives. Our convenient, same-day delivery makes it easy to say “I love you” no matter who you want to say it to... 

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