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The Ripe Stuff

Despite the popularity of fad diets touting that our ancestors were eating primarily meat and vegetables, research now suggests that ancient hunters and gatherers likely ate diets that were more expansive and consisted of whatever food they could find. Although they desired meat, they would have had to exist on whatever foods were available because hunters were not always successful at securing prey. The foods they ate varied greatly, depending on where they were living.

Our tendency to eat processed foods has led to undeniable health issues, and we are seeing direct evidence as cultures that have recently switched from their original diets to more processed diets are developing health problems as a result of the change in eating habits. However, when comparing these health problems with the experiences of our ancestors, it must be acknowledged that the emergence of these ailments is also due to our extended lifespans.

The fruit of our ancestors was different than the fruit we enjoy today. The strawberries we relish that are ripe, plump and full of sweet juice are very different from the bitter strawberries of our ancestors. While fruit still holds the health benefits it always has, we now benefit from the evolution that has given us such delectable, sweet and tasty fruit.

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